Thursday, August 25, 2011

Because my MOM makes me write in my BLOG!

Yeah...School is starting and I am NOT excited!
This year for the first time I am not with my best friend for any of my classes. It makes me feel sad because we have been in all the same classes since 2nd grade. 
Okay so, Noel showed me something so funny...I was laughing so hard. This happened in class and because I was laughing I got in trouble...I love her even when I take the blame for her craziness! 

Noel and I take dance together. We have for years. This year I am hoping to do all dance and have beein working to raise money to do it. My goal is to reach $1,000 and so far I have made $140.
I paint rocks and sell them on my moms etsy store and her face book page.
So, This summer was GREAT! I got to go to a lot of place without my mom. I got to ride my bike with my friends and go swimming and do stuff. It was awesome!

Noel is my best friend. She is sometimes hyper. She is really happy and always makes me laugh. When we do sleepovers we usually keep up her whole family because we are laughing so loud! I love having a friend who is helpful, loving, hysterically funny and is just the best friend I could ever want! 
Noel & Reagan...BFF 4-eva!