Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pictures I took because well...I am grounded!

 Due to some poor decision making I will be grounded from the computer until March 2nd.

 My Mother grounded me....
 I am keeping myself busy by cleaning and doing chores and drawing and well....anything my Mom asks me to do I am doing.

This is my first time being grounded.
My mom says it is something she has to do.
I agree ...sad face

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Free Scare♥

I was sitting on my bed. My cat Free jumped up and he sort of fell on his tummy. He cried and it seemed like he couldn't move his arm. So, I thought he broke something!!!
He was meowing in that way that a cat meows when they are hurt. I got really scared!
I immediatly started crying. I couldn't catch my breath! I was screaming for my Mommy!
My shirt is soaked and stained w/ tears!
Free is really fat and I fear his weight puts a lot of stress on his legs and it is possible for him to break a leg!

I ran to my MOM! MOm, Mom! I yelled...Free is hurt! I swiped away the flood of tears!
My mother ran to my room to check on Free.
He was standing up and just jumped off the bed and walked away.
He was fine.
I think he just had a cramp!
Man, being the Mother of an overweight cat is sometimes hard, stressful and seemingly complicated.

WHEW! Thank God for little miracles. I love my Cat disgustingly! I even threw up a little in my mouth! ♥

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Oh Fat Free...My Baby boy!♥

I feel so sick,
Hey, say something else!
No, I'm not talking.
I am going to bed!
There that is what I am saying!
Where is Free?
There you are pretty Baby!
Come here....Come on!
Come here Fatty!
You beautiful baby..Stop rejecting me!
Lets go...to bed!
Free...I mean, Oh my GOD!
No, Oh my Goodness!
Thanks a lot!
That tickles..Free, Ha HA HA
That is funny!
Don't write that down!
G'night! ♥