Wednesday, March 31, 2010

An omnious day...

Why do we have to talk about a rainy day? I don't want to. I see cars and rain and that is it! I hear puddles splashing as the wheels of the cars run over them. I don't want to walk on the sidewalk because the cars spalsh....and that is why! I am taking a nap!
But before I fall asleep I have one more thing to say: Bye

Saturday, March 27, 2010

what im doing...

Hi this is Reagan.My mom is doing stuff. I'm watching...Let me see...DATE LINE ON ID.Hehe... Just kidding. I'm really waching SpongeBob SquarePants...SpongeBob is writing stuff that isn't true just to keep a job that he doesn't even get any money for doing.
   SpongeBob is acting in the episode as a journalist, just what I want to be when grow up... Just tell true stories and do it for a change.

   I want to talk about the earth and study about autism because I go to church and one of the pasters daughters is autistic, non-verbal. It makes me cry, these things. Just reminding you im 9 years old...Its weird that your hearing this from me I know...
   Any ways I hear my mom in the kitchen...GTG. Bye   

Friday, March 26, 2010

Reasons I want to be a Journalist

1. I want to write about hard times and how people should try to understand and not make fun of, judge or tease people because of it.
2. I want to travel the earth and experience different things and cultures, meet people and learn about them.
3. I want to interview other kids and learn about their families.
4. I also want to write about animals and what it takes to be a responsible animal owner. I have two cats an love them so much that I would go w/out to provide for them. They rely on me as their Mommy and I want them to live a happy healthy life. I get angry thinking about abusive or neglectful pet owners....makes my blood boil! Remember to donate to your local animal shelters.
5. I also want to write about God and how He has changed my life and my family. God is something I am grateful for. I love my church/religious family. Sometimes its all my mom and I have.

I would like to bring God into the hearts of others. Through my writing i would like to open the minds and hearts of people. I just hope I can express myself clearly....w/ the help of my mother.
thoughtfully~ Reagan

Please consider donating to this cause to help me reach my goal.

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