Wednesday, March 31, 2010

An omnious day...

Why do we have to talk about a rainy day? I don't want to. I see cars and rain and that is it! I hear puddles splashing as the wheels of the cars run over them. I don't want to walk on the sidewalk because the cars spalsh....and that is why! I am taking a nap!
But before I fall asleep I have one more thing to say: Bye


Jonathan said...

Rea, that sounds just like you could make into a song! It's lovely to hear it out loud and it's also lovely to talk to you again! I have a thought for you: Life is like a good book. It is full of surprises. It sometimes makes you laugh, it sometimes makes you cry. There can be a few changes. You can't always get your way. Oh, and one more thing: It is always open.