Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pictures I took because well...I am grounded!

 Due to some poor decision making I will be grounded from the computer until March 2nd.

 My Mother grounded me....
 I am keeping myself busy by cleaning and doing chores and drawing and well....anything my Mom asks me to do I am doing.

This is my first time being grounded.
My mom says it is something she has to do.
I agree ...sad face


Cat said...

Hi Rea,
I like your writing and your photography and your willingness to realize when your mom knows what is best. Keep it up! -Cat

Audiz said...

Sorry to hear that you had been grounded, your mother Loves You and doesn't want hurtful things to happen. As I'm looking at your photos that are Wonderful, you should enter some in a photo contest. Keep up the Great work on picture taking and your painting of Rocks...