Thursday, April 8, 2010

This is just a bit too low...This is just a bit too high.

Laying on the bed making animal sounds out the window I can feel my mothers absolute discomfort with this display of non-controlled behavior.

Say something. Say Something again.

I just saw a woman walking by. It is a nice night. The sky is purple, really light purplish. It looks nice. The street light is orange.
Okay. I expect my dad will be home any moment. I am mad at him. It is nearly 7:30 PM. He said he would be home by now and guess what, he isn't!
I see cars rolling by all of which are not carrying my father. I want him to pull the driveway, NOW!
Well, bye!


Jonathan said...

Reagan - Again, awesome blog. (What is that a picture of anyway?)
I've got to ask a question - If Reagan posts a thought, and there is no one aroound to comment on it, does it still count? :)

Pearle said...

The picture is a close up of my mothers scarf. It is yarn.